First Redeemer Flames

First Redeemer Flames

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"I want to commend First Redeemer Sports for the outstanding job they have done creating a quality cheer program for the cheerleaders in Forsyth County, GA. If every church partnering with Impact Cheerleading followed the example of First Redeemer, our churches would change the entire cheerleading world. In just a few short years, the First Redeemer Flames have built the “model” competitive cheer program for our communities. It is a Christ honoring program with a drive for excellence, surrounded by loving coaches, supportive parents and terrific future leaders. Lord, please give us more churches like First Redeemer Church so we can impact the next generation of cheerleaders for you!"

Cary Coleman, FCC President

"My daughter has participated in the Flames program for the last two years. It has been a wonderful environment that is positive, encouraging and Christ-centered. The coaching is outstanding;  My daughter has gained many skills and enjoyed the competitive environment. She has also learned how to graciously win and loose. I highly recommend the Flames program and all that it can do for your child! We look forward to many more years with Flames!"
Jill Barylak, Parent

"After being a mom for 22 years, I don't know if I've ever had a child be a part of a team quite like the Flames.  Not only has our daughter learned an amazing amount of skills and gained a great deal of self-confidence, but also she has been coached by the most amazing women: women who are enthusiastic, supportive, caring, determined, and talented!  They embody what it means to be a Christian leader in their charity and extreme selflessness, and our daughter has learned lessons from them that she will take with her into adulthood.  To watch the girls cheer and scream and giggle and laugh is a perk, but to know that their hearts are moved to love our Lord and to live holy lives --- that's what we love the most about the Flames."

Kerri Ray, Parent

"My daughter has been a part of the Flames Cheerleading program for 2 years. More than learning tumbling skills she never tried and earning cheer awards, she increased in confidence and seeds were planted to increase her faith. Being a flyer was scary for my tiny girl and thanks to amazing coaches who encouraged her and told her about the strength we have in Christ, her courage grew and grew. We cannot say enough good things about this program and the investment they are making in the hearts of these girls."

Ally Heck, Parent



"We have participated as Flames for over three years and have personally seen it touch many lives, including Annabel's. With excellence, the program not only teaches stunting and skills, but also edifies character and confidence. In addition, it is reasonably and comparatively cost effective, allowing us multiple chances to grant our daughter this experience. More than anything, we love the program's Christ-like focus throughout the season. It really is an environment, a ministry, unlike any other. We are thrilled to be a part.... Flames!"
Andrea Schlappi, Parent and Former Coach



"God sends blessings in unexpected ways.  While Atlanta is home for my wife and I, our youngest daughter was only a few months old when we moved away.  Twelve years later, she was excited that we moved “home” – but felt a bit out of place in a new church and community.  When God orchestrated an opening for her in the Fierce Flames, we wondered what He could possibly have had in mind…  after all, Jillian had never cheered or had any gymnastics background at all.  In fact, she couldn’t even do a forward roll.  Surely, this was a mistake! Coach Charity lovingly encouraged us to have Jillian join the team.  She described it as “family”, and a place that Jillian would find special friendships and build confidence.  The coaches would teach her what she needed to learn. After multiple sleep-overs, make-up and hair-braiding parties, weekly devotionals, and – oh yeah – a lot of cheering, God’s plan became clear.  He had grown our shy, sweet girl into an outgoing, giggly, forward-rolling, one-man spotting, National-champion that has two dozen new friends, a handful of “best” friends, and a feeling of belonging to something extraordinary… the First Redeemer Flames. "  

Ray Steele, Parent